A taste of honey

Lessons in beekeeping has sweet outcome

The bees of the Millbrow apiary have taught students important lessons about caring for these important insects. For the group who took part it also led to a presentation and a gift of the honey they helped to produce.

The apiary, which consists of three hives in the grounds of St Mathew’s church, Chadderton has enjoyed a bumper crop this year, producing 131 pounds of honey, up from 18 the year before. During their student enrichment sessions earlier this year, the group visited the hives to see how they operate.

Year 9 student Aribah said, “I enjoyed seeing how much honey the bees were making. We learned how they are looked after and how they increase.”

Year 9 student Mahmood added, “It was interesting to take apart the hive and see how it’s built. We also saw the queen.”

Two of our members of staff, Mrs Barker and Mrs Grogan help out at the apiary.

Presenting certificates to the students Mrs Barker said “We were very impressed with how sensible all of the students were as they learned about looking after the bees.”

Caring for the bees was just one activity amongst many that students enjoy at the end of each half term. The final Wednesday ELAT sessions enable students to develop talents they know they have, or to try something new.

All Year 7 and 8 students take part, with the activities optional for Year 9. Amongst the choices this term have been origami, Christmas decoration making in Design & Technology, trampolining, badminton and baking mince pies. Some students also spent the session learning how to care for guinea pigs. All the activities link to the LORIC skills that students gain through their PixL Edge qualification.

18 December 2017

student beekeepers receive certificates

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