Subject Specifications and content

The following list provides links to the subject specification and content studied during Key Stage 4 at The Radclyffe School

To view the details of the specification and course content of each course, click on the subject name. If no year is specified in the “Studied by” column all Key Stage 4 year groups are studying this course.

Subject Exam Board Level Qualification Code Studied by
Art & Design AQA Entry Level 5920 Y10,Y11
Art (Fine Art) AQA GCSE 4202  
Art (Photography) AQA GCSE 4206  
Bengali AQA GCSE 4638  
Business Studies WJEC GCSE 4080  
Child Development AQA Entry Level 5956  
Computer Science OCR GCSE J276 Y9
Computing OCR GCSE J275 Y10,Y11
Dance AQA GCSE 4232  
Design & Technology – Product Design AQA GCSE 4557  
Design & Technology – Textiles AQA GCSE 4572  
Drama AQA GCSE 4242  
English AQA Entry Level 4970 Y11
English AQA Entry Level 5970 Y9,Y10
English Pearson IGCSE KEA0 Y11
English WJEC GCSE 4190 Y11
English Language AQA GCSE 8700 Y9,Y10
English Language EDUQAS GCSE C700QSL Y9,Y10
English Language WJEC GCSE 4170 Y11
English Literature AQA GCSE 8702 Y9,Y10
English Literature Pearson IGCSE KET0 Y11
Free Standing Mathematics Qualification (FMSQ) OCR A/S 6993  
French AQA GCSE 4658  
Further Mathematics AQA GCSE 8360  
General Studies AQA GCSE 4762  
Geography AQA GCSE 9037  
History AQA Entry Level 5904  
History AQA GCSE 9142  
Hospitality WJEC GCSE 4740  
Humanities AQA GCSE 4072  
ICT Pearson GCSE 2IT01  
Japanese Pearson GCSE 2JA01  
Leisure & Tourism Pearson GCSE 2LT01  
Mathematics AQA Entry Level 4930  
Mathematics AQA GCSE 4365 Y11
Mathematics AQA GCSE 8300 Y9,Y10
Mathematics Pearson GCSE 1MA0 Y11
Mathematics Pearson GCSE 1MA1 Y9,Y10
Media Studies WJEC GCSE 4390  
Music AQA GCSE 4272 Y10,Y11
Music AQA GCSE 8271 Y9
Music Pearson BTEC FYT46  
National Award in Sports Studies OCR Level 1 Certificate J803  
Performing Arts (Dance) Pearson BTEC BLG27  
Physical Education Pearson GCSE 2PE01  
Preparation for Working Life AQA Entry level 4900  
Preparation for Working Life AQA Level 1/Level 2 Certificate 4801  
Principles of Applied Science Pearson BTEC BLG22 Y11
Religious Studies (Full Course) AQA GCSE 4052  
Religious Studies (Short Course) AQA GCSE 4056  
Science AQA GCSE 4405  
Science – Additional Science AQA GCSE 4408  
Science – Further Additional AQA GCSE 4412  
Spanish AQA GCSE 4698