Student Enrichment (ELAT)

Student Enrichment takes place on the last Wednesday of each half term and runs from 2.15pm until 3.45pm.

Student Enrichment is compulsory for students in years 7 and 8, and is optional for the other year groups. It is an opportunity for students to learn new skills or develop an existing skill, and associate with a wider variety of students. The activities we have offered during these sessions include circus skills, table tennis, cheerleading stunts, salsa dancing and using a flight simulator to land a plane.

Cross curricular creative learning

Many students have the opportunity to work on cross curricular projects throughout the year. These are led by teachers and external artists, musicians, dancers and many more people from a creative background.

Students make links between subjects and learn through creative medium such as art, music, dance, photography and many more.

Each year students work with artists to create a spectacular – ‘The Radclyffe School Carnival’.

Over time, students have produced raps, books of professional photographs, drama pieces, graffiti art and sculptures, many of which are displayed around school.