Key Stage 4

At The Radclyffe School we begin our Key Stage 4 at the start of Year 9. Five personalised option routes are offered to students. Selection for each route is made from KS3 data. Each route is designed to meet the specific needs of those students and enhance their post 16 progression routes. KS4 is split into two sides T (Torch) and F (Flame) for timetable purposes.

All KS4 students study English Language, Maths and Combined Science as well as their options.

All students have 1 hour per fortnight studying Values and Citizenship. This course incorporates study of RS, careers/IAG for post 16 pathways, college applications as well as underpinning topics to enhance their personal development and welfare.

For more detailed information on the courses studied at Key Stage 4, please view the Options booklet by clicking here. You can also click here to view a full list of qualifications studied at Key Stage 4 with links to subject content and specifications.

Torch route: approx. 180 students are identified for this route. It offers up to 10 GCSE subjects including Maths, English Language and Literature and Combined Science. This route prepares students for Sixth Form College entry. Torch route is timetabled as T side. Ebacc subjects are offered on this route as an option. Triple Science is available for the top science set on this route.

Flame route (FA & FB): approx. 100 students are identified for this route. This is further personalised to FA and FB. Flame A route (approx. 55 students) are offered up to 10 GCSE subject with an EBACC option. Post-16 progressions to either Sixth Form College or a vocational L3 at an FE college. These students are middle ability. Flame B route (approx. 45 students) are lower ability students, they are offered up to 8 GCSE (English Language and Literature, Maths and Combined Science), 1 guided option and one other option subjects within the option list. This is tailored for students who engage more with the vocational format of learning. Post-16 progression is to college to study vocational subjects.

Foundation route (supported study and Foundation Learning Group): Approx 20 students are identified for this route and they are split into 2 further focussed groups. The foundation route provides 14 hours per fortnight with a dedicated teacher who works with their group on qualifications to meet specific needs of the individuals thus enhancing post-16 progression.

Supported Study: this route is for our weakest students as identified from KS3 data. Their 14 hours are tailored for entry level qualifications and support for the core subjects to ensure they gain a GCSE in English and Maths. They also study 1 option and a guided option.

Foundation Learning Group: students within this group are those identified throughout KS3 as being disengaged from learning and prevent others from learning by their poor attitude and behaviour. A clear group ethos is quickly developed and strong links with parents are made with their key teacher. These students follow a similar curriculum to supported study with the focus on best grades for their ability as some students within this route are able students. This option route allows us to keep these students in school and learning, whilst providing them with the skills and qualifications to move to post- 16.