International Partners

The Radclyffe School proudly introduces our International Partners project, the aim of which is to streamline communications between ourselves and our partners around the globe.

Goals of the partnership

The aim of our International Partnerships project is to expand our students’ knowledge and understanding of cultures around the world. By sharing our experiences with our partners we become better citizens of the world and we are better equipped to cope with the global economy.

International Partnership Team

The Chair of the International Group is Mr Nigel Yeo. He has been responsible for co-ordinating our last 3 applications for International School status from The British Council, all of which have been successful. Mr Yeo is a Modern Languages teacher and is multi lingual. He co-ordinated the School’s Comenius Project via The British Council and ensures that our international work is disseminated around the school.

Mr Ian Mulley is an Assistant Headteacher and has been instrumental in developing links with China and Bolivia. He has visited China on behalf of the school three times, and created sister school links with two schools in Wuxi and Suzhou. His most recent trip was to our partner school in Wuxi with a party of Year 11 students.