Book of Excellence

The Book of Excellence is a striking celebration of the school’s ethos. Created from our students’ design concepts, at its heart the book is building a permanent, ever-growing record of our students’ achievement and excellence throughout the school.

Each week a student from each year group is chosen from staff nominations, their success recorded in the book for everyone to see. The pages build up an archive of distinction through the year.

Faaizah (Year 7) nominated by Ms Fletcher

I nominate Faaizah Zeenat for the Book of Excellence.

Faaizah has produced the most amazing piece of written French. She has gone above and beyond what was asked of her including fantastic vocabulary and information, which has not yet been taught in lesson. Well done Faaizah!

Samiul (Year 8) nominated by Mrs Thompson

I nominate Samiul Hoque for the Book of Excellence.

Samiul is making Outstanding progress in Maths, French and Art, and Good progress in English, Design & Technology and Food & Nutrition. Samiul has got a fantastic attitude to learning and all positive logs. Well done Samiul.

Megan (Year 9) nominated by Miss Cooper

I nominate Megan Knight for the Book of Excellence.

Megan did extremely well on the end of unit test in Sports Studies and is working really hard to improve her grade. Keep up the great work!

Zulika (Year 10) nominated by Mr Taylor

Zulika has been working in English intervention and her improvement and hard work have been truly remarkable. She always participates in the sessions and always knows what she needs to do to improve.

Zulika is polite and considerate of others and has shown that she is applying her learning wherever possible.

An excellent effort recently, continue and you will be even more brilliant!

Hallie (Year 11) nominated by Mrs Teale

I nominate Hallie Stachini for the Book of Excellence.

Hallie is a lovely girl who always has a smile for you. She has progressed well since joining us in Year 8 and is always polite and helpful.

Hallie is making Outstanding progress in English and has only positive logs. Well done!