Book of Excellence

The Book of Excellence is a striking celebration of the school’s ethos. Created from our students’ design concepts, at its heart the book is building a permanent, ever-growing record of our students’ achievement and excellence throughout the school.

Each week a student from each year group is chosen from staff nominations, their success recorded in the book for everyone to see. The pages build up an archive of distinction through the year.

Tamanna (Year 7) nominated by Miss Murray

Tamanna is a well mannered, hard working student and a valued member of the Book Club. Yesterday was the deadline for Readathon sponsors and she managed to raise £50.

Tamanna’s homework, classwork and attitude to learning is always Beyond Outstanding. Well done Tamanna!

Sabah (Year 8) nominated by Mrs Stoloff

Sabah joined The Radclyffe School late on in Year 7 but has settled into school well and is making an effort to improve her grades. Sabah has got a fantastic attitude to learning and is a pleasure to work with.

Sabah always follows the five respects and is a very polite, helpful and friendly student. Well done Sabah.

Saeed (Year 9) nominated by Miss Thomas

Saeed is doing exceptionally well in Computer Science. He is joining in group discussions and in fact leading them every time. He is showing a much improved, and an impressive amount of knowledge and completed all work to a very high standard.

Well done Saeed.

Nayel (Year 10) nominated by Mr Finc

Nayel asked if he could teach a lesson of Basketball during Core PE. He provided me with an excellent, well planned lesson and delivered this lesson to his peers with confidence and control.

Nayel has shown true excellence in wanting to challenge himself by standing up in front of the class and delivering a KS4 lesson. His communication skills, planning and sporting knowledge were all of a high standard.

Well done!

Amy (Year 11) nominated by Miss Hansom

Amy has made a fantastic start to Year 11. Her dedication is clear in her attitude to her learning which means her classwork is exemplary. She is attending revision and is actively supporting others in the class by offering help and explaining her ideas during class discussions.

Amy is consistently modelling these outstanding attributes in all her science lessons.

Well done Amy!